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Angels Landing AKA Lucifer’s Trail

I hiked Zion National Park years ago. My friend Dawn and I, when we were stationed at Whidbey Island, went to a lovely spa in Utah for a week. Dawn went for the tennis options, […]

Six Things About Me That People Don’t Know

Why six things, you ask? Because the genesis of this chapter is something that went around Facebook years ago. It was one of those dreaded social media challenges. You liked something a friend posted and […]

A Herd of Englishmen and a Greek Island

You know when you meet people who make a mark on your life? Sometimes, because the chance encounter was so fleeting, you lose touch forever and always wonder what became of them. Other times, 34 […]

Sir Boudreaux, the Bold & Boodacious Foster Redbone

Today’s Coonhound Saga brings us to Sir Boudreaux’s new nickname: Houdini. Or, maybe we should call him Boodini. Or Boodacious! Yesterday, Bill and I left home for about five hours. We had lunch in Q-Town […]

The Biggest Busybody on the Block

What has prompted me to crawl out of the swamp, you might ask. As the Blog Nazi reminds me, it’s been over ten years since I last wrote. Or, maybe that was the Hessian of […]

Pandemic at the Big Box Store

William, aka Hunky Hubby, and I went on separate early morning field trips today. He went to Harris Teeter (which I affectionately call “The Teet), and I went to Costco. The Teet has items either […]

How to Be a Good House Guest…or Bed Making is my Superpower

Although I’m an antisocial introvert, I like having people stay with us. I know, I’m an enigma. Blah blah blah. There are conditions, of course, why wouldn’t I have conditions? You’d expect no less. I […]

Hounds and Stuff

Lacey was beside herself with joy last week when she found a box tortoise. She just about sniffed its shell off, she was so tickled by her discovery. After the HOA landscapers came through (and […]

Of Parakeets and Rescue Bears

William Simpson and I were out and about yesterday doing a variety of errands. Our last stop was to visit our storage facility. I have a bunch of stuff from Mom’s house in there, plus […]

Morning Hounds

This morning, I got up early because I wanted to get dinner staged in the crockpot, make my bucket o’espresso, and get some things done before going to work for what will be a long […]