Author: mari

The Biggest Busybody on the Block

What has prompted me to crawl out of the swamp, you might ask. As the Blog Nazi reminds me, it’s been over ten years since I last wrote. Or, maybe that was the Hessian of […]

Pandemic at the Big Box Store

William, aka Hunky Hubby, and I went on separate early morning field trips today. He went to Harris Teeter (which I affectionately call “The Teet), and I went to Costco. The Teet has items either […]

How to Be a Good House Guest…or Bed Making is my Superpower

Although I’m an antisocial introvert, I like having people stay with us. I know, I’m an enigma. Blah blah blah. There are conditions, of course, why wouldn’t I have conditions? You’d expect no less. I […]

Hounds and Stuff

Lacey was beside herself with joy last week when she found a box tortoise. She just about sniffed its shell off, she was so tickled by her discovery. After the HOA landscapers came through (and […]

Of Parakeets and Rescue Bears

William Simpson and I were out and about yesterday doing a variety of errands. Our last stop was to visit our storage facility. I have a bunch of stuff from Mom’s house in there, plus […]

Morning Hounds

This morning, I got up early because I wanted to get dinner staged in the crockpot, make my bucket o’espresso, and get some things done before going to work for what will be a long […]

I Put the Mad in Money

When I was growing up, my Mom always told me to stash a $20 bill somewhere in my wallet. This was called “mad money.” I never understood the term mad. I thought I could use […]

Internal Monologue

Musing upon my morning drive today, I feel compelled to share my internal monologue with you. Hmmm…if I were schizophrenic, could I call it an internal dialogue? I had my usual jack-rabbit start this morning. […]

The Zeldas Storm Manhattan

I was commissioned an Ensign in the Navy many, many moons ago. The date was April 2nd; the year is immaterial…and, yes, I remember! It was a cool and clear day in Newport, RI. Sixteen […]

Buzzards, Buzzards Everywhere and Nary a Critter to Eat

I know where the black vultures go after gorging themselves on dead meat. 28 January 2018