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ADD Strikes Again

Boy, Howdy, have I been lame. Or bad. Or forgetful. I have neglected this blog for so long that I almost forgot my password. I was full of good intentions. Let’s do a July Blog […]

Listen Up, Alexa

I recently got an Amazon Echo. Her name is Alexa. I don’t do “i-stuff,” but I think she’s kinda like Siri. Except that Alexa does not live in my phone. She crouches in our kitchen […]

Electronic Squirrel

There’s nothing like the smell of a new laptop on a holiday afternoon. I finally pulled the trigger and bought a laptop. My desktop at home has been slowly giving up the ghost. It’s really […]

Blogging – I Thought It Would Be More Fun

I finally got this site established. I can’t really take all the credit (okay, any of the credit), since Hunky Hubby did all the heavy lifting. Great,  I thought, I’ll just start writing. Life got […]

Asparagus Haiku du Jour…

Asparagus Haiku…just because Dorkhound likes it rawI don’t think he drinks too muchI am likely wrong No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Koa the Dorkhound loves raw asparagus. When he sees me bring it […]

Ducks Don’t Like Green Milk Bones or My Duck Might Be a Trannie

One of my rambly posts from last year. ~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~++~~+~+ I adopted a duck. Not in the same way that I adopted the Dorkhound. I have a husband that might not tolerate that so well. No, […]

Gimp Consumer Report – Cart Evaluation

This gem is from over a year ago. I had cleverly broken my right ankle. Why? I guess my left ankle was tired of being alone…yes, this will be another story. Lucky you. I insisted […]