Category: Haiku (Du Jour)

Buzzards, Buzzards Everywhere and Nary a Critter to Eat

I know where the black vultures go after gorging themselves on dead meat. 28 January 2018

Living Near Bovines

An asthmatic cow Wheezes in the near distance; Such is rural life!   9 January 2018

A Not-Nearly-Winter-Yet Poem

  Cold, cold, windy, cold. Not yet winter solstice; cold, cold, stinking cold. Brrrrr.

Moo in a Can – Based on Real Life

Across the pastures Hark! What is that I hear? Calves really sound like toys!

Lynxes – What’s Not to Love

Big fluffy foots, short tails, tufty ears; great hunters. They want to kill things. 5 December 2017

Microsoft Office, Ruiner of Sleep

Excel! How hast thee come to rule my life? Thou art the cause of nightmares! A pox on Sir William of Gates. While I am firmly in the PC camp, and not a loyal subject […]

Sail Critters

Woodland creatures all Over the roads these mornings. Little fuzzy splats. 25 November 2017

Foot Leprosy

I call my left foot Hansen. After the disease, not the Inane Mmmpop band. My foot surgeon just rolls his eyes when I report that I have foot leprosy. Then, gives a double eye-roll when I […]

Tweet tweet

Haiku is much more Challenging than Twitter is. Syllables, not words. Syllable restrictions are much  more onerous than word restrictions. Although Twitter doubled their allowance, I don’t see haiku following suit. Maybe we should restrict […]

Mohammed Helps People Chat While Driving

Just saw a groovy New use for a hijab – Phone Holder. Praise Allah! Really. The headgear in question may have been an al-Amira, as the scarf was a little more snug than your average hijab. […]