Category: July Blog Challenge (2015) – Anything Goes

ADD Strikes Again

Boy, Howdy, have I been lame. Or bad. Or forgetful. I have neglected this blog for so long that I almost forgot my password. I was full of good intentions. Let’s do a July Blog […]

Anything You Do (or Eat) Can and Will Be Used Against You in a Court of Law

Today’s blog challenge comes to you from Eilley, aka Trixie. Her suggested topic was “Food Police.” Holy crap, I thought. Where do I start? I natter at the Blog Nazi when he pressures me to […]

Old Bay on the Vine (A July Haiku)

Old Bay on the Vine A July Haiku Grapes in Maryland Flourish under the sun, and Become wine. Got crabs? I guess I can’t call myself a true oenophile (pronounced “why-know”), as I have yet […]

And They Call It Puppy Love…

I admit – nay, revel in – the fact that I am not entirely normal. I had a somewhat less-than-ordinary upbringing. To this day, I strive to lead my life on my terms, as much […]