Category: Bodily Harm

Pandemic at the Big Box Store

William, aka Hunky Hubby, and I went on separate early morning field trips today. He went to Harris Teeter (which I affectionately call “The Teet), and I went to Costco. The Teet has items either […]

A Slight Intermission Before Returning to the Broken Ankle Saga

A Slight Intermission Before Returning to the Broken Ankle Saga When we last pondered broken bones and other bodily harm, I confessed about Mom…not just about her propensity to fracture her ankles, but her tendencies […]

Aneurysm Schmaneurysm

I intended to write a quick blurb last night about one of my peculiar traits. Note that I quantified that as “one of” them. As I was drifting off to sleep, I had a brain […]

Broken Ankles Run in the Family (Part One)

In 1972, Mom broke her ankle. For the umpteenth time, we were told. Previous skiing accidents were hell on her ankles. Or so we were told. I do not have any reason to believe she […]

License to Spill (Roll Me in Bubble Wrap and We’ll Call It a Day)

I can’t believe that I have not written a single word here since 9 July. How am I supposed to keep people interested in this blog if I ignore everything? I have all sorts of […]

Temporarily Out of Order

Don’t you get irked when you see a sign that announces “out of order?!” I do. Yet, here I am, deliberately causing you, my loyal (I hope) and ever-increasing (I really hope) readership ire. Please […]