Category: Adventure

Pandemic at the Big Box Store

William, aka Hunky Hubby, and I went on separate early morning field trips today. He went to Harris Teeter (which I affectionately call “The Teet), and I went to Costco. The Teet has items either […]

Armed Forces Day

Boot Camp or Bust Today is Armed Forces Day (2017). Huzzah! I should be cleaning the house, before the Department of Health comes by to condemn it, but I am not. So there. I’m sure […]

Call Me Zelda

Zelda is my alter-ego. Zelda used to be Mom’s nom-du-bar, but I assumed the mantle of deception long before her demise. It’s okay – she wanted me to carry on the great tradition of obfuscation […]

Thank You, Bette Davis

I will be forever grateful for three little words, made famous by the inimitable Bette Davis. I have, sadly, had occasion to utter this little phrase not once but twice in the past 24 hours. […]

Opa – Hellas Bound!

I had the great fortune of being paid to live in Greece. I was a Lieutenant in the Navy in 1987. I will shorten the story at the front end. I was not enthralled with […]

Oh, Squirrel…or Snake

Both squirrel and snake start with the letter “S.” That is your Sesame Street announcement of the day. Beyond this, there is only one resemblance…they both are pretty nifty distractors. I came upon this photo on Facebook, […]