Category: Random Musings

The Biggest Busybody on the Block

What has prompted me to crawl out of the swamp, you might ask. As the Blog Nazi reminds me, it’s been over ten years since I last wrote. Or, maybe that was the Hessian of […]

How to Be a Good House Guest…or Bed Making is my Superpower

Although I’m an antisocial introvert, I like having people stay with us. I know, I’m an enigma. Blah blah blah. There are conditions, of course, why wouldn’t I have conditions? You’d expect no less. I […]

Hounds and Stuff

Lacey was beside herself with joy last week when she found a box tortoise. She just about sniffed its shell off, she was so tickled by her discovery. After the HOA landscapers came through (and […]

Morning Hounds

This morning, I got up early because I wanted to get dinner staged in the crockpot, make my bucket o’espresso, and get some things done before going to work for what will be a long […]

All Hail King Alaric!

I was shopping for wine with Beverly O’Shea today. We were selecting bottles as we are often wont to do: by their labels. Don’t judge me… One of the store employees, charged with stocking the […]

Vote for Zelda

The least alarming headline today was that Britain’s Prince Philip announced his retirement at the age of 95. He will retire from royal duties later in the year. Good on him. I shared the news […]

I Prefer My Broad Cave

It’s 12:56 AM and I have a thought! I was awakened by the combination of Augmentin and Prednisone doing their thing on my insides.  I do not recommend this combination unless it is absolutely necessary. […]

Springtime for Promsters in Marin County

Part 1 – Setting the stage I have spent most of my life trying to forget the spring – prom connection. I love spring. Proms, not so much. However, I have recently been included in a […]

A Short Dip Back Into the Blogpool

I grow weary of the Blog Nazi (BN), AKA Hunky Hubby (HH) nattering at me to resume blogging. Therefore, I have decided to dip my big toe back into the blogpool and see if I […]

Musings Du Jour

After a long hiatus, I may be ready to dip my toe into the blogging waters. I’ll start out slow. That’s really best for everyone. I had a few random thoughts today. Yes, I have […]