ADD Strikes Again

Boy, Howdy, have I been lame. Or bad. Or forgetful. I have neglected this blog for so long that I almost forgot my password.

I was full of good intentions. Let’s do a July Blog Challenge, I declared. That will get me going. I’ll solicit topics and use these topics as my inspiration. Hmmph…I think I plowed through four before wandering blissfully, and figuratively, off into the sunset.

If anyone is still reading this, I thank you. And I will return to finish the July Blog Challenge. Before 2016? Who the hell knows. I should probably change the name to “Blog Challenge” so as not to make any empty promises. One more impediment completing this task exists, however. I forgot where I saved the topics.

You see, I even made a spiffy excel spreadsheet, with the topic, the date it was proposed, the name of the proposer, and room for notes. It lives on some computer somewhere. Just, apparently, not this one.

I have added more topics to the list. That’s not entirely true. Since I can’t find the actual spreadsheet, I have added them to the list in my head. I think we all know by now that this is an exercise in futility.

I simply cannot get motivated. Well, I can at 0300, as I lie in bed, trying to sleep. Early this morning, in fact, I had some great ideas careening about my brain. Aha – I thought at the time – I’ll remember all these flashes of brilliance and will blog ALL DAY LONG. Naturally, when I did make it into the Broad Cave to compose the Blog of the Century, the creative well was dry. How can this happen? I have stories to tell. I may even have stories to fabricate. I need to get crackin’ before I forget everything that ever occurred in my life.

Wish me luck.


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