Morning Hounds

This morning, I got up early because I wanted to get dinner staged in the crockpot, make my bucket o’espresso, and get some things done before going to work for what will be a long day.

It was about 0515 and dark. Yes, I know that’s not early for many; Hunky Hubby was already on his way to work. I could hear the freezing rain outside, and I deduced that we’re missing snow for at least a few hours. I put on sweats, opened the door, and walked down the hall to my office (aka the Broad Cave) to check work email. Koa followed me out the bedroom door, but veered to his puffy bed by the upstairs hall window. Nary a peep from Lacey, who remained curled up in a tight coonie ball under the covers.

I made my way downstairs to the kitchen. Still, no noise from the usually vociferous hounds. I ground the coffee beans (okay, the Magical Espresso Maker did that) and made my morning elixir. I banged around the kitchen gathering what I needed to toss in the Instant Pot. I sauteed the pork loin (in said IP), filling the kitchen with yummy scents.

Still nothing from my furry friends. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t have at least one sous chef dancing around my legs. I got the hound meds ready and did some clean up in the kitchen. Only then, after the active sauteeing was complete, did I hear from one sleepy hound.

Koa awakened and decided I could no longer be trusted without him to supervise me. However, he was stumped by the first three steps between the second floor and top landing on the staircase. He stood at the top of the steps and barked a bit – more of a worried, whiny bark than his usual enthusiastic WOOF. I went to assist him down those troublesome steps. He sometimes can’t bring himself to tackling those same steps in the upstairs direction, either.

Once I acted as his seeing eye human, he joined me in the kitchen and was very interested in supervising as I completed my remaining tasks. Lacey made her appearance a few moments later. She was actually yawning as she made her way downstairs, then she sat patiently to wait for me to take her outside.

Bliss – two wagging hounds, no noise whatsoever, morning chores nearly complete. We three got soaked during the morning constitutionals – apparently, hound noses are not dissuaded by a freezing rain and wet grass.

The usual noise commenced once I got them both inside, dried them off, and produced their food bowls. I was serenaded by houndsong and dancing goobers. And drool.

Now, they’ll both go for a post-breakfast nap while I shower and get ready for work. Mornings are rarely dull around here.

Written on 20 March 2018


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