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Lacey was beside herself with joy last week when she found a box tortoise. She just about sniffed its shell off, she was so tickled by her discovery. After the HOA landscapers came through (and did a totally half-assed job, I may add), Lacey went back out to find her new friend. It was gone. Alas. I am happy to report that it doesn’t appear to have been mowed, as I saw no tortoise pieces strewn about the hillside.

This evening, as we took our last constitutional, Lacey was distracted by a huge Luna Moth. So distracted, in fact, that she forgot the original purpose of venturing outside. She’d better not recall that at 0300…


Lacey’s new friend

She chased the moth in the driveway until it out-smarted her by flying higher than she could see. It was then that I dragged her happy ass across the street, to no avail. Upon our return, I heard a mad flapping in the garage.The moth took shelter there. Lacey was intrigues and chased it around until she tired of that folly. I am sorry to report that my Pocket Coonhound is a complete failure at moth-hunting. She can find one, but she cannot close the deal. The damn bug even thought to seek safety by landing on me. Lacey grinned, wagged, and waited for me to let her inside. She of the short attention span wanted a treat and to go to bed.

Meanwhile, there is a Luna Moth in my garage, plotting its revenge. I have named it Mothra.

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