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Of Parakeets and Rescue Bears

William Simpson and I were out and about yesterday doing a variety of errands. Our last stop was to visit our storage facility. I have a bunch of stuff from Mom’s house in there, plus […]

Morning Hounds

This morning, I got up early because I wanted to get dinner staged in the crockpot, make my bucket o’espresso, and get some things done before going to work for what will be a long […]

I Put the Mad in Money

When I was growing up, my Mom always told me to stash a $20 bill somewhere in my wallet. This was called “mad money.” I never understood the term mad. I thought I could use […]

Internal Monologue

Musing upon my morning drive today, I feel compelled to share my internal monologue with you. Hmmm…if I were schizophrenic, could I call it an internal dialogue? I had my usual jack-rabbit start this morning. […]

The Zeldas Storm Manhattan

I was commissioned an Ensign in the Navy many, many moons ago. The date was April 2nd; the year is immaterial…and, yes, I remember! It was a cool and clear day in Newport, RI. Sixteen […]

Buzzards, Buzzards Everywhere and Nary a Critter to Eat

I know where the black vultures go after gorging themselves on dead meat. 28 January 2018

Living Near Bovines

An asthmatic cow Wheezes in the near distance; Such is rural life!   9 January 2018

A Not-Nearly-Winter-Yet Poem

  Cold, cold, windy, cold. Not yet winter solstice; cold, cold, stinking cold. Brrrrr.

Moo in a Can – Based on Real Life

Across the pastures Hark! What is that I hear? Calves really sound like toys!

Lynxes – What’s Not to Love

Big fluffy foots, short tails, tufty ears; great hunters. They want to kill things. 5 December 2017